A while ago we sent kayaks to PaddleTV for them to review and now the first one is up! 

We really love the in depth review they have done and it looks like Ken agrees with us that this is a boat that performs in all conditions.

For all of you that don't want to look at videos we had ChatGTP write a summary of the key points from the review. You'll find them below the video!

  1. Distinctive Style and Sustainable Design: The Melker Rödlöga kayak catches attention with its distinctive style. However, its appeal goes beyond aesthetics. The kayak is built with sustainability in mind, utilizing locally sourced flax weave instead of carbon and Kevlar weave. This innovative choice not only reduces the environmental impact but also adds a unique and cool look to the kayak.

  2. Impressive Performance in Various Conditions: Ken commends the kayak's stability, maneuverability, and overall performance. Despite its narrow width of 21 and a quarter inches, the kayak surprises with good stability, making paddlers feel comfortable and secure. It transitions smoothly from one edge to another, exhibiting excellent secondary stability. The Melker Rödlöga kayak is designed for all conditions, and it excels in both rough and flat water.

  3. Playful and Versatile: The kayak's playful nature and versatility are major selling points. With its rockered hull, it offers easy maneuverability and turns effortlessly when on edge. This feature makes it suitable for a wide range of paddling activities, from calm water exploration to challenging rough conditions. Whether paddling on lakes, rivers, or the ocean, the Melker Rodloga kayak delivers a fun and comforting experience.

  4. Comfort and Ergonomics: The reviewer highlights the kayak's comfort and ergonomic design. The cockpit provides ample room for most paddlers, with a contoured seat and aggressive thigh hooks. While the seat's backband is not adjustable, the seat position can be modified for trim adjustment. The simple yet well-designed cockpit ensures a pleasant paddling experience.

  5. Solid Value: Considering its environmentally friendly construction, impressive performance, and overall quality, the Melker Rodloga kayak is deemed a solid value for its retail price of $3,900. The reviewer emphasizes that the kayak's unique features and attention to sustainability do not come at an additional premium but are inherent to its design.

Conclusion: The Melker Rödlöga kayak stands out as a top choice for environmentally conscious paddlers seeking a versatile and high-performing kayak. Its sustainable construction, distinctive style, and impressive stability and maneuverability make it a valuable investment for both experienced kayakers and adventurous beginners. With the Melker Rödlöga kayak, paddlers can embrace a fun and eco-friendly paddling experience in various water conditions.

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  • Since this email is aimed at a Canadian audience, may I suggest that any attached video such as that I just watched to provide prices in Canadian dollars, not US.

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