Melker of Sweden x PaperShell

Melker of Sweden x PaperShell
In an inspiring move towards sustainable innovation, PaperShell ( and Melker of Sweden ( are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership. As we move into the new year, this collaboration marks the start of a journey to challenge each other to redefine kayaking with a focus on environmental stewardship and cutting-edge design.


Melker of Sweden, known for its commitment to sustainable outdoor experiences, and PaperShell, a pioneer in eco-friendly material innovation, are joining forces to create a new era of kayaks. Drawing on PaperShell’s expertise in sustainable material technology and Melker’s design prowess, this partnership is dedicated to creating kayaks that are not only top-performing but also environmentally friendly. Our initial focus is on incorporating the material into smaller components of the existing kayak's, with the ultimate goal of constructing the entire kayak using PaperShell.

"We are diversifying our kayak production by collaborating with PaperShell and their eco friendly material. Alongside continuing to produce our existing premium models using plant-based composites, a new model segment will now involve PaperShell. This shift represents our commitment to sustainable practices and reflects our collaboration with PaperShell, marking a major stride in our journey towards more environmentally-friendly kayak manufacturing. This partnership is a step towards realizing our dream of a completely sustainable kayak."

Pelle Stafshede - CEO & Creative Director of Melker of Sweden.


The collaboration beginning with the production of vital components for Melker kayaks from January, is not only a significant move to broaden Melker of Swedens current product range but also a strategic effort to reach new target groups. This initiative goes beyond conventional manufacturing, representing a bold venture into the realm of sustainable outdoor equipment. By integrating PaperShell's innovative materials into the kayaks, we are not only diversifying the offerings but also appealing to a wider audience, including environmentally-conscious consumers and enthusiasts of cutting-edge design, thereby reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative design. Our calculations show that transitioning to PaperShell will yield notable positive outcomes, both in terms of economic performance and in accelerating our shift to more sustainable materials.


"Kayaks are among the most beautiful products on the market. It's the outdoor sports version of fine dining. It's nature! Art & Science. Aesthetics sustainability in every sense. Pelle shared a vision of kayaking in northern parts of Norway where there are whales. In a kayak made of PaperShell produced in our highly automated lines. Do I share that dream? Hell yes!"

Anders Breitholtz - CEO & founder of PaperShell.


With visions of kayaks gliding through serene waters, silhouetted against sunsets, embodying the perfect blend of nature and human ingenuity. This partnership goes beyond mere production - it’s about creating a legacy of sustainability and excellence in outdoor sports.


How PaperShell could be a better choice

PaperShell reverse engineering paper back into high tech 3D-wood components. 100% fossil carbon free. Storing atmospheric carbon in products instead of wasting it on single use items. Stronger than plastics, versatile like glass fibre and lighter than aluminium. Enabling companies to switch materials towards a circular bio economy. Where science meets art and finance supports Nature.


Media Contacts

Pelle Stafshede, CEO & Creative Director of Melker of Sweden,, +46 733 16 95 35

Anders Breitholtz, CEO & founder of PaperShell,, +46 702 28 12 81


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About Melker of Sweden
Founded in 2015, Melker of Sweden aims to revolutionize the Outdoor Hardware industry with a focus on balancing environmental ethics and economic viability. Our approach involves continuous innovation and sustainable practices, ensuring our products not only meet user needs but also contribute positively to the planet. Central to our ethos is the joy of working with like-minded partners, friends, and family, as we strive to create a legacy for future generations and a sustainable, impactful business.


About PaperShell
PaperShell is reverse engineering wood into high-tech 3D free-form components. It is stronger than plastics, as versatile as glass fiber, and lighter than aluminum. This enables partner companies to transition towards a circular bioeconomy, where science meets art and finance supports nature, aiming for carbon net zero and beyond.


Melker & PaperShell

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