Melker @ Kanu Erlebnis Messe & EKÜ sports 50 year anniversary

Melker @ Kanu Erlebnis Messe & EKÜ sports 50 year anniversary

Hereby we invite all kayaking enthusiasts to join us at the EKÜ-Sports kayak expo, where you will have the chance to test out our sleek and sustainable kayaks.

Taking place at the largest paddlesports consumer event in Germany, the Kanu-Erlebnis-Messe 2023, the expo promises to be a fantastic opportunity for all paddlers, with free entry and an impressive range of exhibitors. Visitors will be able to meet us from Melker of Sweden and test out our 2023 portfolio of kayaks, with a spacious test pool available to try out the various models and sizes. The expo takes place in one of Germany's most picturesque paddling locations, with romantic heath rivers, the Steinhudermeer, and the Weser all within reach. EKÜ-Sport, the largest kayak and canoe specialist in Germany, will be hosting the expo and will feature a range of well-known brands such as Lettmann, Melker of Sweden, Prijon, and many more. Additionally, there will be a large paddling flea market on Saturday, providing the perfect opportunity to snag a bargain on used kayaking equipment. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the latest kayaking equipment and accessories, and to connect with fellow paddlers at this exciting event!

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