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Melker Rödlöga

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Agile, playful and as fast as a rocket!

  Low volume (LV) High Volume (HV)
Length 480 cm 505 cm
Width 52 cm 54 Cm
Weight 19,5 Kg 21,5 Kg
Cockpit size 89 cm x 46,5 cm 91 cm x 50 cm
Storage (liter) 18l + 65l + 115l 20l + 65l + 105l
Optimal paddler weight 45-80 Kg

75-110 Kg

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Agile, playful and as fast as a rocket! The adjustable skeg allows for true tracking in even the most challenging waters. The paddler also has the option to drop in the rudder for swirling currents and long crossings. Features enough storage capacity for an extended weekend with a cockpit that offers exceptional comfort for full days on the water. Melker's plant-based construction aims to revolutionize the industry and help protect the waters and environment we all love.

An innovative kayak designed with rougher waters, currents, tides and surf waves in mind. It is also stable, secure and easily maneuverable in calmer waters. This is the perfect kayak to help improve your paddling skills.

The look and feel of Melker Rödlöga breathes influences from the surf culture and lifestyle and is equally impressive decorating a wall in your home as she is swirling through the sea.

Melker Rödlöga benefits from our natural, sustainable and high-performance construction, combining flax fibers with a solid cork core, which allows our kayaks to achieve the highest possible mechanical properties as sustainable as possible.

Lightweight, strong and durable with an attractive design makes Melker Rödlöga the perfect choice. Environmental protection, design and functionality go hand in hand in our product.

During PADDLEexpo in Nuremberg, Germany – the leading paddlesports exclusive trade fair globally, Melker Rödlöga won “Coolest Gear of the Show”, the most prestigious award 2018.

With this award, being honoured by the international paddlesports industry and community, Melker pushes the boundaries of sustainability, craftsmanship, design and innovation even further. Environmental protection, design and functionality go hand in hand in our products.

The kayak’s great playfulness shows itself with the well defined rocker, the hard chines and its flat mid-section hull – delivering a highly responsive kayak with excellent manoeuvrability – making it perfect for versatile play in the most challenging waters.

Melker Rödlöga is designed for skeg to aid tracking capabilities in cross winds, still the kayak’s control can be even further enhanced with a responsive and retractable rudder (optional).

With its tight and ergonomic thigh braces, the cockpit is optimized for intimate and precise control also in the toughest conditions. The adjustable, ergonomic and padded seat also offers exceptional comfort during a full day’s kayak tour.

One round hatch (Kajak sport 24) in the bow and a big oval hatch (Kajak sport 44/26) in the aft make it really easy to pack all the necessary gear and offers great space for the longer expeditions.

An additional 20 cm day hatch is placed directly behind the cockpit, where the paddler can easily access a packed lunch, camera or an extra jacket.

The small day hatch, just in front of the cockpit, gives you fast access to your essential gear on the move as well. And the smart recessed area on the foredeck, between the two hatches, holds the water bottle or the pump in place – or simply out of the way.

The kayak is designed by award winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, working closely with Melker of Sweden’s design team.

With Melker Rödlöga we take yet another step towards fulfilling Melker of Sweden’s vision of producing kayaks with zero environmental impact.

Test of Melker Rödlöga

"..If you enjoy playful paddling, the Rödlöga is a delight. It is perceived as easy to paddle and quick to accelerate, while at the same time being by far the easiest to turn with edging...."
Melker Rödlöga is stable, easy to maneuver, and playful - the perfect kayak for those who want to develop together with their kayak.
Rödlöga is top-rated in the swedish "Utemagasinets" large kayak test.


Detailed configuration

Clear or tinted, white details on deck with visible cork & flax fibres, skeg, backrest, and soft seat.

Melker Rödlöga is delivered prepared for rudder and a rudder kits are sold separetly.


Introduction video of Melker Rödlöga

 Melker Rödlöga Reviews

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Melker is a classic Swedish name and the name of a well known character in Saltkråkan, a television show that started 1964 in Sweden. The script was written by Astrid Lindgren, Swedens most famous children author.
The series takes place in Stockholm archipelago and therefore it is something many swedes think about when they think about the archipelago.

We chose the name Melker as a hommage to the TV series, and we believe that one of our missions is to help people have great experiences on and by the water.

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